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Welcome to the Show!

Welcome to the Show!

The Umpire Inspire Podcast is all about the stories, all about the journeys, and all about the heart of umpiring. In each episode we hear from extraordinary and ordinary umpires from around the world who have enthusiasm for our craft and a positive attitude toward umpiring… umpires who consider their jobs to be a lot more than just calling balls and strikes. We’re creating something totally unlike anything you’ve heard or seen in the umpire community! The Umpire Inspire Podcast is for YOU—join the UI crew!


What inspires YOU as an umpire? Leave me a one-minute voicemail and share what—or who—motivates and encourages you to serve as a baseball or softball umpire. Your message could be used in a future episode!

The Umpire Inspire Podcast is for YOU! I really want to hear what you think about the show. Shoot me an email anytime at —I would be very happy to hear from you! 

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Umpire Inspire’s Patreon contributions are temporarily paused during the hiatus between Seasons Two and Three.

Many thanks to the awesome UI Crew Members who have supported the show via Patreon so far—you are the engine behind this effort!