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Daniel Mills: A Softball Umpire Finds Balance

Softball umpire Daniel Mills has an Umpire Superpower: BALANCE between having fun and doing what is within his power to make it fun for the players, coaches and families, and taking his job seriously. Daniel has got that balance nailed, and you are going to appreciate his very thoughtful approach toward attaining that balance as a Little League and high school softball umpire.

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Dennis Williams: Working a Small Little Tournament in Williamsport, PA in 2020

There’s a modest little tournament that takes place in Williamsport PA every summer… Today meet Dennis Williams, who has been selected for the honor of serving as a volunteer umpire for the 2020 Little League Baseball World Series. We talk about his umpiring beginnings and his journey as a Little League volunteer umpire, and then get into a lot of details about the World Series and what his expectations and hopes are.

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Bobby Tassone: What it’s like to be a Minor League Baseball Umpire

In Episode One of this brand-new umpire podcast, Carolina League umpire Bobby Tassone visits with us to share his story about making The Decision to pursue umpiring as a career and his subsequent trip through umpire school and the Minor Leagues. We discuss what life is like for him as a Minor League Baseball umpire, some special game opportunities he’s had, and learn about his experiences at Spring Training.

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