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Gerritt Nelson & Gary Smith: Different Chapters, Same Love of the Game

Meet 16-year-old Gerritt Nelson and 76-year-old Gary Smith—local Little League umpire friends of mine. After meeting these gentlemen I hope you might come away with an appreciation for the generational aspect of umpiring—the opportunity to connect with one another and to learn from one another—no matter what chapter of our umpiring story we’re currently writing.

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Tripp Gibson: Meet Your New Favorite MLB Umpire

MLB Umpire Tripp Gibson has always been held in high regard by your humble podcast host—both as a skilled umpire and as a generous, others-focused human being. In our visit, Tripp shares stories of his journey to becoming an MLB umpire and thanks those who helped get him there; reveals some awkward (and hilarious) on-field moments; identifies some awesome partners he’s worked with both coming up and in MLB; and shares his involvement with UmpsCare and why that organization means so much to him and to his family.

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Jon Coney: A Public Service Mindset Powers One Softball Umpire

Do you view your umpire job as a PUBLIC SERVICE? Portland, Oregon softball umpire Jon Coney absolutely does. His clear-eyed view of WHY he volunteers as a Little League umpire is a great reminder of the many positive impacts—beyond just calling a good game—that a great umpire can make on a player’s experience.

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