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Jen Pawol: The Approach of a Female Minor League Baseball Umpire in Pursuit of The Dream

Jen Pawol is a Minor League Baseball Umpire, notable of course for being the seventh female umpire hired into Minor League Baseball and one of two females to be currently on the MiLB Umpire Staff. We discuss Jen’s journey to becoming a MiLB Umpire, her perspectives on being a trailblazer in her profession, her thoughts on her fellow female umpires who blazed the trail for her, and much more.

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Tripp Gibson: Meet Your New Favorite MLB Umpire

MLB Umpire Tripp Gibson has always been held in high regard by your humble podcast host—both as a skilled umpire and as a generous, others-focused human being. In our visit, Tripp shares stories of his journey to becoming an MLB umpire and thanks those who helped get him there; reveals some awkward (and hilarious) on-field moments; identifies some awesome partners he’s worked with both coming up and in MLB; and shares his involvement with UmpsCare and why that organization means so much to him and to his family.

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Bobby Tassone: What it’s like to be a Minor League Baseball Umpire

In Episode One of this brand-new umpire podcast, Carolina League umpire Bobby Tassone visits with us to share his story about making The Decision to pursue umpiring as a career and his subsequent trip through umpire school and the Minor Leagues. We discuss what life is like for him as a Minor League Baseball umpire, some special game opportunities he’s had, and learn about his experiences at Spring Training.

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