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Dan Campagnolo: Listen. Learn. Share. Repeat.

High school, college and Little League umpire Dan Campagnolo mines his decades in umpiring to share some concrete tips and a few stories, including: what NOT to do when you forget your shinguards; how to never worry about counting mid-inning warmup pitches again; and why working the dish for the Little League World Series Championship Game in 2012 was maybe only the third-coolest thing that happened to Dan that year.

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Mark Bernstein: Inspiring and Personal Stories from Little League West Region’s UIC

Mark Bernstein is the Umpire in Chief for Little League’s West Region and someone who has been hugely influential in the umpiring career of Your Humble Host and in the careers of many, many other Little League volunteer umpires. He believes in the significant positive impact that a great Little League umpire can have on the experience for the players… and that belief rubs off in a big, big way.

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Gerritt Nelson & Gary Smith: Different Chapters, Same Love of the Game

Meet 16-year-old Gerritt Nelson and 76-year-old Gary Smith—local Little League umpire friends of mine. After meeting these gentlemen I hope you might come away with an appreciation for the generational aspect of umpiring—the opportunity to connect with one another and to learn from one another—no matter what chapter of our umpiring story we’re currently writing.

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