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Ted Barrett: Gratitude, Servanthood and Heart on a 25+ Year MLB Journey

On the Season Two finale of the show, MLB Umpire Ted Barrett generously gives an account of the who’s-who of umpire mentors that brought him up 25+ years ago, describes how his faith affects his approach as an umpire and why it’s so important to him, and recounts some of the unforgettable—or even life-changing—experiences that he’s shared with some of his MLB colleagues.

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Dan Campagnolo: Listen. Learn. Share. Repeat.

High school, college and Little League umpire Dan Campagnolo mines his decades in umpiring to share some concrete tips and a few stories, including: what NOT to do when you forget your shinguards; how to never worry about counting mid-inning warmup pitches again; and why working the dish for the Little League World Series Championship Game in 2012 was maybe only the third-coolest thing that happened to Dan that year.

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