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Season Two Starts This Week!

Season Two Starts This Week!

Hello umpire friends, Jason here coming to you just days away now from Season Two of The Umpire Inspire Podcast!

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THANK YOU for listening so far. THANK YOU for joining the Umpire Inspire community on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter. THANK YOU for all the comments and feedback. It has all been a ton of fun for me, and I am so pleased that you’ve enjoyed the show and all the amazing umpires that we got to hear from and learn from.

In Season One, we had the opportunity to visit umpires from hugely different levels, but who all have so much in common—the passion for our craft, the dedication to the game, the unselfish desire to share what they’ve learned on their own journeys—that is a trait that is so common among umpires everywhere. We heard from Little League umpires, high school umpires, Minor League umpires working their way up towards the Big Leagues, all the way up to Major League Baseball umpires Tripp Gibson and Dale Scott. I don’t know about you, but as a listener of the show right alongside you, I enjoyed every single guest that we heard from—each one of them brought a different angle and a different story and I truly felt inspired in different ways by each one of them… I really can’t thank them enough for offering their time to us. And you know, I am so lucky because maybe the very best part of this whole little project for me is the opportunity I’ve had to make new umpire friends all over the place!

So, would you like to know a little about what’s coming up on Season Two? Well, let’s see what I can tell you here…

  • I just mentioned all the different levels of umpires we have already heard from, but one missing level was NCAA baseball and softball. I am happy to report that we have crossed that to-do item off the list and we’ll hear from an umpire at that level in the coming weeks.     
  • You’re going to hear from an umpire with whom I had to schedule our interview very carefully, because there is a nine-hour time difference between the two of us (I’m not going to tell you in which direction though!). That’s right, our first international guest on the show—the first of many, I expect, because baseball and softball are truly global sports and there is no end to the terrific umpires who are working hard all-around the world.
  • You’re going to hear from an umpire whose mask currently sits in a display case at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. How cool is that?
  • You’re going to hear from someone who changed the trajectory of my umpiring career FOREVER by telling me that everything I did was average. And I have a chance to thank that umpire in person for throwing that little stick of dynamite at me because it motivated me to make some big, big changes to my game and how I approached being an umpire.

And many, many more! So I hope you’ll stick around, tell YOUR umpire friends about the show, and continue to enjoy this little project as much as I have. The Umpire Inspire Podcast is for YOU.

Here’s one request: go right now and review this show on Apple Podcasts. Take 60 seconds right now, seriously, it’s so easy. Don’t think it’s not important—it is! Ratings and Reviews are a VERY important component of the Apple Podcasts ecosystem and help determine which recommendations listeners of other shows receive. And don’t think someone else will take care of it! If you’re listening then YOU are a part of this community and can make and make a real difference in helping as many umpires as possible to find the show so they can learn from and be inspired by the terrific guests I have lined up for us.

All right, then? Are you ready? I now I am and I have to tell you how excited I am to get to go on this ride with you all over again over these next few months. I’ll see you this Tuesday for Season Two of The Umpire Inspire Podcast!

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