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Mark Bernstein: Inspiring and Personal Stories from Little League West Region’s UIC

Mark Bernstein: Inspiring and Personal Stories from Little League West Region’s UIC
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Enjoy a super-motivating and, at times, very personal conversation with Mark Bernstein, the Umpire in Chief for Little League’s West Region. Mark oversees and trains umpires from the 11 western states that make up Little League’s West Region and is a skilled and accomplished umpire in his own right. And he’s someone who has been hugely influential in the umpiring career of your humble host and in the careers of many, many other Little League volunteer umpires. 

When I describe Mark to people, I describe him as a “True Believer.” He believes in Little League. He believes in the significant positive impact that a great Little League umpire can have on the experience for the players… and that belief rubs off in a big, big way. I challenge any umpire within the sound of this podcast to spend ten minutes with Mark and have any apathy or cynicism about being a Little League umpire. What’s far more likely is that you’ll be charged up to go redouble your efforts and pour even more of your energy and dedication than ever before to your position on the field. Enjoy!

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