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Bill Nowlin: A Prolific Author Takes a Look at Umpires and our Craft Through Brand-New Eyes

Bill Nowlin: A Prolific Author Takes a Look at Umpires and our Craft Through Brand-New Eyes
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When was the last time you looked at umpires and umpiring through brand-new eyes? Our guest in this episode, author Bill Nowlin, did just that by interviewing 70+ MLB umpires to write his book Working a Perfect Game: Conversations with Umpires.

Umpiring was a total mystery. Umpires themselves were completely anonymous. And Bill was curious to learn more about the craft and those of us that serve in this role. His fresh-eyed impressions of the men and women who choose to umpire, and of the lifestyle and what it takes to succeed, are fascinating. Spoiler alert: he came away with a very favorable impression of the men and women and the craft itself, and it was refreshing and delightful to view our world through brand-new eyes. Enjoy!

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