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Umpire Inspire is all about the stories, all about the journeys, and all about the heart of umpiring.

In each episode of The Umpire Inspire Podcast we visit with extraordinary and ordinary umpires from all around the world who have enthusiasm for our craft and a positive attitude toward umpiring—who consider their jobs to be a lot more than just calling balls and strikes. We’re creating something totally unlike anything you’ve seen or heard in the umpiring community—join the UI crew!

Ted Barrett: Gratitude, Servanthood and Heart on a 25+ Year MLB Journey

On the Season Two finale of the show, MLB Umpire Ted Barrett generously gives an account of the who’s-who of umpire mentors that brought him up 25+ years ago, describes how his faith affects his approach as an umpire and why it’s so important to him, and recounts some of the unforgettable—or even life-changing—experiences that he’s shared with some of his MLB colleagues.

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Dan Campagnolo: Listen. Learn. Share. Repeat.

High school, college and Little League umpire Dan Campagnolo mines his decades in umpiring to share some concrete tips and a few stories, including: what NOT to do when you forget your shinguards; how to never worry about counting mid-inning warmup pitches again; and why working the dish for the Little League World Series Championship Game in 2012 was maybe only the third-coolest thing that happened to Dan that year.

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Liz Hammerschmidt: Exploring Both Sides of the Mask with a Rising NCAA Softball Umpire

Since 2013, Big10 Crew Chief Elizabeth Hammerschmidt has been making her mark as a rising NCAA softball umpire. In this conversation Liz and I explore both sides of the mask—the games, the approach, Liz’s stories, her on-field experiences—but we also get to the heart of some challenges that Liz has faced balancing her personal life with her pursuit of umpiring, as well as the enjoyment she’s found bringing her family along for the ride.

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Filip Havlik: Learning, Working, Improving, and Embracing Umpiring in the Czech Republic

Meet Filip Havlik, an 18-year-old umpire from Prague in the Czech Republic! Learn about baseball in his country; the similarities and differences of being an umpire there compared to what we are accustomed to in the United States; his opportunities to work European tournaments; and his upcoming first-ever-visit to the US to umpire at a tournament that means a lot to him.

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Brian Hertzog: On the Craziness of Venezuela Winter Ball and what It’s Like to NOT Get The Call to the Big Leagues

Today: Brian Hertzog on his nine-year journey as a Minor League Baseball umpire! The craziness—and huge impact—of working Venezuela Winter League ball. The 20+ MLB umpires he worked alongside during his Minor League journey and the ones who inspired him the most. And a very personal description of what it really felt like NOT to get “The Call” to the big leagues.

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Mark Bernstein: Inspiring and Personal Stories from Little League West Region’s UIC

Mark Bernstein is the Umpire in Chief for Little League’s West Region and someone who has been hugely influential in the umpiring career of Your Humble Host and in the careers of many, many other Little League volunteer umpires. He believes in the significant positive impact that a great Little League umpire can have on the experience for the players… and that belief rubs off in a big, big way.

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